Why The Rugged Terrain is Every Mountaineer’s Paradise

Life is about challenges. Survival, to start. Then comes the battle to grow and thrive. And then, finally, there’s the quest to succeed on whatever terms we set for ourselves.  For mountaineers, though, these kinds of challenges tend to have a different framework. Most people set up these challenges according to the rules and norms […]

Bass Fishing from a Kayak

Kayak Bass Fishing

Like Bass fishing? Try Bass fishing from a Kayak! At first glance, the combination sounds like an oxymoron. Its hard to visualize the difficulty of trying to fish from a kayak. Even tougher to imagine reeling in a large bass from a seat in that kind of craft. Your about to find out why Kayak […]

Best 3 Mountain Climbing Locations – From Hiking to Climbing – North America

High Mountain to Climb

We all love hiking so we might as well get the best experience doing it. I selected these three locations based on difficulty, beauty, experience and reviews. I once heard a quote by Theodore Roosevelt – “The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.” This is exactly […]

A Guide, Even For The Most Experienced Mountaineer

Guide to Mountaineering - Mountaineer Company

Nothing is mind-blowing like reaching the peak of a mountain. Most mountaineers never get enough of the feeling that comes with reaching a specific peak. It is not an easy thing to get at the top, but with proper planning, you can achieve your goals. Mountaineering requires appropriate guidance, including essentials that you will need […]

10 Most Adventurous Hiking Trails in America

Yosemite Valley 4 Mile Hike

Here is a list of the 10 most adventurous hiking trails in America. These 10 were selected for the wide array of options which include of course hiking, camping and even some fishing. Finding adventurous trails to explore on the weekends is always a delightful discovery.   Top 10 most adventurous hiking trails in America […]

10 Best Things I Love About Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

You may be planning a family vacation or just looking for some summer fun and considering visiting Colorado Rocky Mountain National State Park. Regardless of the reason I want to tell why I love this National Reserve. And you will probably agree with me. Lets begin…       1. Extremely Beautiful All Year Round The […]

5 Essential Winter Camping Item’s

Winter camping comes with benefits. There are fewer crowds and bugs to contend with as you enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors. But that’s only possible if you are prepared for it. To set yourself in the right mode, you need to acquire a list of the must-have items. Here is a list […]