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We all love hiking so we might as well get the best experience doing it. I selected these three locations based on difficulty, beauty, experience and reviews. I once heard a quote by Theodore Roosevelt – “The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.” This is exactly what you will get with these locations.

Three top mountain climbing locations

  1. Mount Rainier
  2. Grand Teton National Park
  3. Denali National Park

Mount Rainier – Washington

Mount Rainier is the best for mountaineers if our in the Washington area. (Pictured above) It is about 54 miles from Seattle, located at a well-known park that has been a massive attraction of tourists for years. The mountain is 14,410 feet above sea level, which makes a favorite to thousands of mountaineer climbers in the US. It is not for novice; out of over 10, 000 climbers who attempted it in 2019, less than 5,000 made it to the top. The best thing about this mountain is that it has several routes, and they vary in difficulty. The ideal season for mountain climbing here is between April and August.

Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

This mountain is one of the most popular climbing destinations in North America. It has several technical routes, including Direct Exum, North Ridge, and North Face. They are all difficult routes going as high as 13, 770 foot. However, in addition to these three popular routes, this mountain has other 800 routes that go through the Grand Teton Range and over 200 peaks. You don’t have to have a permit to climb the mountain, but for a few days stay, you have to get a permit for back country camping. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Denali National Park – Alaska

The most challenging climb is known as “The Great One,” and it’s not for beginners. Even experienced mountaineers find it difficult, and therefore, novices are advised not to venture without a guided expedition. Solo mountaineering is allowed; however, you must get one of their guided services to ensure safety. You must also pre-register for any expedition 60 days before the date when you intend to set out.

If you are looking for the ultimate experience in mountain climbing the US, Denali National Park is the ideal choice. It is 240 miles of northern Anchorage and about 120 miles from south Fairbanks. The park is accessible from Highway 3, which is the only entrance. The beautiful park lies on more than six million acres. You enjoy a chance to climb the 20,322-feet Mount McKinley, which is the highest in the whole of North America.

“The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Suggested gear for these locations:

  • Boots – Mountaineering boots are essential and should provide traction and stability. A hike on the mountains means walking on rocky areas and should also allow you to attach extras such as crampons to navigate on glaciers and snow safely.
  • Steel Crampons- Steel crampons are compulsory for a mountaineer. The high quality ones are made of steel and will help you walk over snow and rocks on sloppy areas.
  • Climbing Helmets- You should get climbing helmets made for mountaineers. It should have clips to allow you to attach a headlamp. Other types of helmets come with closable vents and come in handy during the icy days.
  • Backpacks- A backpack for mountaineering should have special features such as a narrow and sleek profile to allow more space and less cumbersome movement. The backpack should not hinder you from climbing, handling ropes, or scrambling.
  • Hydration Systems- Mountaineering is not easy, so carry enough water and treatment to make sure you have enough clean water. Get steel or hard plastic bottles to have a sufficient hydration reservoir. However, buy an insulating sleeve to prevent your water from freezing.
  • Carabiners- You should buy both non-locking and locking carabiners to build anchors and help you in case you fall in a crevasse. How much to buy depends on your mountain climbing location. But, you should have at least four pear-shaped locking and five oval-shaped non-locking carabiners.

Conclusion: Your mountain climbing location determines the equipment and gear you should buy. But be sure to get the basics above and include more if you will be spending a night or a few days in the wilderness. Mountaineering is fun, but be safe and get the right gear for this tough adventure.

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