How to select the best tent that meets your camping needs!

Selecting a tent that best meets your needs can be a little daunting due to the unlimited tent options available. Options and variety are endless. Use this simple guide to help you make a quick educated purchase.

How to select the best tent that meets your camping needs!
  • First thing first: How many in your party? Consider the size of the tent. You do not want to unnecessarily be lugging a tent around that will weigh you down as you hike unless you absolutely have too.
  • Consider Weather conditions: This will play a huge factor on the tent you select. Pay attention to the material/durability due to high winds, rough terrain, rain (Check for a rainfly), heat, cold and snow ( Select a 4-season for extreme weather)
  • Tent Versatility: If you are hiking to camp, which means you will not have a camping area to return to. you will most absolutely want to carry a light weight tent that’s easy to carry, easy to set up and easy to take down.
  • Tent height and floor space: This goes back to how many in your party and are you hiking to camp or camping to hike. If you are camping to hike you have more flexibility in tent size which equals comfort and head room.
  • Tent Features: Tent features like windows and doors which usually consist of mesh can provide fresh air that can help minimize condensation. A lot of tents also come with pockets inside for phones and your personal items for easy access.

There are many other factors that can come into play when selecting a tent but with these 5 guidelines you will be ready to make your purchase for your camping and hiking adventure quickly and with peace of mind.